Will Offshore Banking be Relevant in a Crypto World?

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Years ago I recall reading an article about the beginnings of the Swiss Banking Act of 1934. It was ratified due to the rising threat from the Nazi regime in Germany. Many Germans saw the writing on the wall and needed to get their financial assets out of the country and into safer harbors. In … Read more

The Evil War on Cash may be a Good Thing

All across the world, many governments (especially the socialist-oriented ones of the West) are going broke because the flawed experiment in central and fractional reserve banking is finally nearing its conclusion. And what are the observations of that experiment? There are several, but below are some key ones that I have observed.   Read more… … Read more

Losing Sleep Over Social Security Issues? Consider Social Investing

Dire Warning The promise of retiring with a government-provided pension such as that espoused by Social Security seems to be fading quickly. The US government’s own admission is dire, “The Trustees project that the combined trust funds will be depleted in 2034.” The idea of these types of pensions was based on a model wherein … Read more

A Quick Primer on Bitcoin

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Bitcoin Overview Financial innovation has a long history dating back hundreds of years with such constructs as double-entry bookkeeping, wire transfers and online banking. A relatively recent innovation is Bitcoin which was designed as a decentralized, cyber-crypto-currency. Its anonymous creator, Satoshi Nakamoto, first described this new technology in a white paper which detailed the key … Read more

What is Social Investing?

Social Investing

Ever since the popularity of online trading in the 1990s, traders and investors have been ditching their stock brokers and performing their own investment analysis and trading. All at a fraction of the cost and with greater access to reams of market information. As part of this transition to self-managed investments, many traders and investors … Read more